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2024 WIFYR
USBE Relicensure Credit

How to receive USBE relicensure credit for attendance at the WIFYR attendance:

1. Contact Bruce at and provide the following information:

  • Name



  • The specific course you prefer (either the full-day or half-day), and the instructor’s name if registering for the full-day class.

You may either login to MIDAS and enroll, or Bruce will enroll you.
Enrollment choices:

  • Morning and afternoon sessions: course #59252, section 5; 35 USBE relicensure hour credits. Requirements: 35 in-class hours

  • Afternoon sessions only: course # 59283, section 5; 17 USBE relicensure hour credits.Requirements: 17.5 in-class hours.

2. Attend the WIFYR conference.

3. Complete the 2024 WIFYR Post-Conference Assignment (linked here) and return to Bruce by June 30, 2024.

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