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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the morning workshops different than the afternoon sessions?

Yes. If you sign up for a morning workshop, you will find yourself with writers just like you who are ready to improve their writing. You spend 20 hours in the same classroom with the same people going over your predetermined amount of work. Morning sessions are to develop your craft and make your work as strong as possible.

Afternoon classes are conference breakout sessions on craft, marketing, what major publishing houses are looking for, etc. Those who are signed up for the morning sessions get the afternoon sessions at no extra charge. Those who are interested can take the afternoon classes only. Both are tremendous experiences.

How do I register?

Registration begins January 1st. Please see our Morning Workshop and Afternoon Workshop pages for detailed information about our classes this year. There are registration links on those pages and you can also see our Registration page, where you can choose a morning workshop registration or an afternoon-only registration.

If you have any questions about registration, please Contact Us.


I’ve been to other writing conferences. How is this one different?

This isn’t your typical two-day conference. WIFYR really is hands-on. You’re going to be working . . . hard! As Dr. Chris Crowe has said, Writing and illustrating for Young Readers is not for the faint of heart.

If you want to really improve your writing, this is the conference for you. Look over the website. Read what people have said about the week. Look closely at what your goals as a writer or illustrator are. Is publishing for children something you really want to do? This conference is a true investment that has an incredible payoff. If you work hard, you will walk away a stronger writer or illustrator.

I’ve signed up for a morning workshop. How do I prepare for the conference?

Soon after registration, you’ll receive an email from the assistant who will be taking care of logistics for your morning class. This assistant will be your liaison to the teacher and to the conference. They’ll send you messages from your faculty member and help everyone in the class get to know each other before the conference. Have any questions about expectations or pre-conference homework? Ask your assistant. They will gladly and enthusiastically, answer.

Also, take time to read Carol Lynch Williams' letter and her recommendations for making the conference a success, here.

If I sign up and can’t attend, can I get a refund?

We cannot offer refunds after April 30th. Before that, you will get a full refund minus an administration fee. Please see the Refund Policy for more information.

If I’m co-authoring a book with someone, can I bring them to the conference with me?

If you are co-authoring with another person, they will be required to purchase their own seat at the conference. Even though you’re working on the same book, each of you will have your own questions, perspectives, and points-of-view about the book to be addressed. This will take additional time in the workshop. In order to be fair to the other participants, each person in the classroom must pay their own way to the conference.

Does WIFYR offer USBE relicensure credit?

Yes! You can find that information HERE.


Is there a class for teen writers?

We do not have a class reserved for teens this year, but they are welcome to apply for our other morning classes. To attend, you must have graduated from 8th grade and be in high school. Click here for more information about the Rick Walton Teen Scholarship that allows teens to attend this conference for a fraction of the cost. 

What is an agent/editor consultation? Can anyone have one?

WIFYR offers agent or editor manuscript consultations to attendees of the 5-day morning workshops. You’ll submit 750 words of your manuscript in advance. The agent or editor assigned to you will read it and give you feedback in a brief meeting that takes place during the conference. This is an excellent opportunity to get professional feedback on your work.

Where is the conference located?

The conference is located in Draper, Utah, at American Preparatory Academy (431 West 11915 S Draper, UT 84020).

Why don’t you offer paid pitches?

The downside of most traditional pitch sessions is that the agent goes in without reviewing your work and hears only your idea. It’s not much to go on. To successfully submit and publish, you need to back up that pitch with polished writing. The WIFYR MFA-level quality instruction and personalized feedback will help take your work to a higher, submission-ready level.

Each attendee of the morning workshops receives an included consultation with an editor or agent (see question above).

Will I have a chance to meet the authors and illustrators?

Yes! And they’ll do their best to answer your burning questions, too!

Will I have access to food and water at the conference venue?

There are plenty of places to eat nearby and water fountains on campus. You are welcome to bring a sack lunch and snacks. Microwaves are available. There is a large, sunny room with a few tables, as well as plenty of wonderful outdoor space for eating, writing, and relaxing.

Is there a conference hotel?

Yes. We've partnered with the Best Western Plus Cotton Tree Inn in Sandy. To book your room with them for the 2024 conference, please use this link.

Best Western Plus Cotton Tree Inn for WIFYR Conference .jpg
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