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Join us on social media for all the WIFYR updates. To connect with people and talk about writing, goals, and get advice, our Facebook Group and Discord server are great options.

#WhyWIFYR Contest
#WhyWIFYR Contest

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#WhyWIFYR Contest
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#WhyWIFYR Social Media Contest

Share your WIFYR experiences with us using the hashtag #WhyWIFYR until May, and you could WIN a coveted agent or editor consultation! 🌟✒️
How to Participate:
Follow us and share your past WIFYR experiences, insights, and success stories using the hashtag #WhyWIFYR on Instagram, Facebook, and/or X (Twitter).
Each week, we'll provide prompts to spark your creativity and guide your posts. Stay tuned for fresh inspiration every Monday!

🏆 There will be prizes! 
Watch for announcements.🤝💼
Let's build a community of inspiration, support, and creativity. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to share your story and possibly connect with a literary agent or editor. Use #WhyWIFYR and be part of something extraordinary!

Ready, set, WRITE! 📝✨

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Upcoming Events

WIFYR All Year At-a-Glance Calendar:*

April 18 - Introduction to Writing the Picture Book

April 25 WIFYR Book Club with Kaela Rivera

May 18 - Writing Fantasy

May 23 - WIFYR Book Club with Julie Olson

June 10-14 - 25th Anniversary WIFYR Conference!

July - First Lines (with prizes!)

August 15 - Intro to Writing the Graphic Novel (Instructors TBA)

September 19 - Writing Romance (Instructors TBA)

October 5 - The Plot Thickens: Preparing for NaNo

October 21-23: Telling the Truth: Writing Non-Fiction

November: WIFYR Does NaNo

December 11 - Celebrate! (Details TBA)


* All events subject to change 



Last day for Early Bird Pricing

Last chance to take advantage of lower prices on Morning Workshops!

April 15, 2024 by midnight

More Info

wifyr writing the picture book workshop with kirsti call and sharlee glenn.jpg

Writing the Picture Book

Virtual Event

April 18, 2024 - 6:30 to 8:30 pm

Join picture book authors Kirsti Call & Sharlee Glenn for their expertise in writing a picture book. Learn more.

Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls by Kaela Rivera - WIFYR Book Club book.jpeg

WIFYR Monthly Book Club

WIFYR Book Club is a FREE event held over Zoom hosted by Aubrey Allie. We have monthly meetings with an author presenter, including time for Q&A. We discuss everything from picture books through young adult. 

WIFYR book club will have a lineup of professional authors January-May (as well as invites to other special events), and then we break for conference in June. If you're not able to read the book in time, please still come and hear from our authors and ask any questions about writing, publishing, etc.

Tuesday, April 25 at 7:30 - 8:30 pm MT

Author: Kaela Rivera
Book club book: Cece Rios and the Desert of Souls

Like this event? Kaela Rivera is also teaching an afternoon workshop at our writing conference in June. Check it out here.

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