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Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers



At the end of the 2024 conference, we challenged attendees to convert their reading and writing into miles, and to use those miles to complete a 5,517-mile cross-continent race before WIFYR 2025.


It starts at Poo Poo Point, Washington, and ends at Pee Pee Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Along the way, there are check-in stations at 34 places with middle-grade-tastic names, like Big Bottom, Washington, the beautifully named Knockemstiff, Ohio and Weweantic, Massachusetts.

WIFYR 2024 Reading and Writing Challenge Map.jpg

The route is based on a story idea that Scott, a WIFYR assistant, is developing. (It's middle grade. Can you tell?)

Deadline: June 9, 2025

Can you complete the entire 5,517-mile route?

1. Read & Write

1 page read = 1 mile

Track every page you read in books for children: from picture book to young adult.

5,517 pages equates to about 22, 250-page middle grade books, or 172 picture books.

How It Works

7.25 words = 1 mile

Track your word count as you write. At a rate of one mile for every 7.25 words, the route equals almost exactly 40,000 words, about the length of many middle grade books.

2. Track Your Progress

Computer screen with WIFYR challenge tracking document.png

Instructions: To edit, go to FILE > Make a copy

Save the copy to your personal Drive and add your pages read & word count.

3. Share with the WIFYR Community

Did you make it to Gentle Annie Gulch, ID? or Buttzville, ND?

We want to hear about it! And celebrate your wild success, of course. 

Share your milestones on social media:

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  • Instagram
  • Discord

Make it to the end before June 9?

Expand the route by finding more giggle-worthy places and reading or writing your way to them. They’re everywhere. Believe us, we’ve looked!

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