Conference Etiquette

Our agents and editors are here to find new talent. The faculty is here to help them find great work. Everyone at WIFYR wants to see you succeed. At a conference like this, however, there are certain rules.

  1. Give the editors and agents space.
  2. Do not give a manuscript to anyone to read at the conference unless someone asks for it. No one wants to carry back 35 pounds of additional baggage that is all paperwork.
  3. Leave all the faculty alone in the bathroom. There are plenty of horror stories editors and agents tell of being handed a manuscript at a urinal or as one is trying to get into a bathroom stall. Please don’t add to the stories. Use your mingle time to talk to our guests. Ask them important questions about what they’re looking for. There are other ways to learn what an editor or an agent might like. Ask what do they like to read. Ask there favorite book published last year. Check out the bios here and online.
  4. Please don’t read parts of your stories to anyone unless you are asked to. Don’t read anything to anyone as they’re walking down the hall, climbing into a car to leave, or . . . yes, you’ve got it, as they are in the bathroom.
  5. Please don’t monopolize class time when the editors and agents come visit.
  6. No babies or children at the conference.