Wednesday, June 17th, 8:30-12:30


Class Description: No matter what genre you write, there’s a good chance your plot contains some kind of romance. Every well-crafted romantic plot line is built on three essential elements, without which the love story falls flat. There is a science to the art of crafting a compelling, emotionally charged, and satisfying romance that hits these three crucial notes.

This class covers:

  • the three essential elements of romance
  • the crucial moments that cannot be skipped over or left out of any romantic plot line
  • how these elements influence and shape the larger plot arc
  • the characteristics needed to craft a romance your YA readers will fall in love with

This hands-on, interactive workshop offers attendees the opportunity to practice the concepts taught so they will leave fully equipped to apply what they’ve learned in their own writing.

NOTE: Mini Workshops include afternoon sessions for the day they take place.

Photo of Sarah M. Eden

Sara M. Eden is the author of multiple historical romances, including AML’s “2013 Novel of the Year” and Foreword Review’s 2013 Gold Medal winner for “Best Romance,” LONGING FOR HOME. Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in research and happily spends hours perusing the reference shelves of her local library, all in the pursuit of crafting witty and heartfelt romances. Sarah has twice served as the Master of Ceremonies for the LDStorymakers Writers Conference and acted as the Writer in Residence at the Northwest Writers Retreat.

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