Friday, June 19th, 8:30-12:30
Class Description:

The objective of the series workshop, besides to have fun and laugh a lot, is to learn how to write a series for children. The End. Writing a series is different in several ways from writing a single novel, so we’ll spend the four hours learning those differences. But we’ll also learn how to write well–which is why we’ll start our class online a month before the conference begins. Yes, this workshop is for over achievers (you know who you are). Below is a short list of my expectations for the class and for you.

1. The month before the conference begins you’ll work on assignments that I post for you on our class blog.  One assignment will be to finish your first chapter and post it for all class members to read and comment on. FYI: Our blog is private, meaning it is restricted to our class members only.
2. On the day of the class, you’ll bring hard copies (one for everyone in the class) of (1) your series arc and the arc for your first book in the series (you’ll draw these on the wipe board as well); (2) the plot summary for your series and for the first book in the series; (3) a list of current, published children’s series that work and a brief explanation of why you think they work. You’ll need to read read read . . .
3. During class, we’ll discuss The Secrets of writing a series, how to plot character-driven stories (my favorite), and learn More Secrets of writing well. We’ll also workshop your arcs and plot summaries and revisit your first chapters. *I may also ask you to bring copies of a few pages from your revised first chapter. TBA.
Bring a laptop or tablet so you can see assignments on the blog and write STUFF in class.
NOTE: Mini Workshops include afternoon sessions for the day they take place.
photograph of Cheri Pray Earl


Cheri graduated with her M.A. in Creative Writing from Brigham Young University in 1995 and has taught writing and literature courses for the BYU Honors Program and English Creative Writing Program for over 20 years; she was awarded BYU Honors Professor of the Year in 2005 (which she brags about whenever she can). Cheri is the voice of George in the middle-grade novel series, Just In Time which she writes with Carol Lynch Williams. She also published a non-fiction children’s book for American Girl co-authored with Rick Walton in 2009, but in real life she writes young adult and adult novels. She won the Utah Original Writing Competition in 1994 for the YA novel, FLAT LIKE ME, and took Honorable Mention in 1997 for the YA novel, THE SWAN. Her newest novel, MR. DIETSCHE, is in revision for Agent Steve. Secret Agent Steve.

Follow Cheri on her first public blog at: where she is at this very moment drafting her first adult mystery novel . . . out loud.

Cheri has five children and five grandchildren with one on the way. She lives with her husband, Jeff, in Provo, Utah.