NaNoWriMo–Writing Goals or Writer’s Block?

We’re almost at the end of the month. How are you doing on your NaNoWriMo goals? Even if you made a huge to-do list or word count that now seems more daunting than defrosting a twenty pound turkey in half an hour, don’t give up.
Take some time during this holiday weekend, perhaps when everyone else is recuperating in front of a football game. Give your writing some nourishment as well, even if you write for 15 minutes each day.
If that’s not possible, take a good break and make some new, achievable goals. Maybe January is your writing marathon month. Maybe you’ll ring in the new year with a 5,000 word night or end the month with a newly-polished manuscript. The choice to write is yours. The benefits, if you do make time to be true to your personal goals, will be yours as well.