Illustrator Interview with Guy Francis

Today we welcome Guy Francis to the blog. We are thrilled that he’s teaching our Illustration Mini Workshop. As you browse our website ( please take note of all his gorgeous illustrations.

Photo of Guy Francis

How did you begin illustrating?  

I’ve been drawing my entire life but I began illustrating professionally during college when Illustrated my first book, Showdown at Slickrock. (1995)


The Earth’s under attack, you go to the art store for one supply to take with you during escape. Go! 

If the earth is being attacked by green aliens, then I would take green paint so I could match their skin color and blend into the “new” crowd. If not, then I’d take a brown pencil.


When you’re not creating art, what would we find you doing?  

Building stuff. I like making things out of metal or wood or whatever.


What’s the last book you read that made you do a spit take? Or at least laugh out loud? 

The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett


Can you give us a typical day in the life of? 

Wake up, carpool, then work with a lot of visits to the fridge. I also get to check the mailbox daily. Gotta get that exercise somewhere. I then fill in the cracks with time wasting activities developed through years of procrastination. (if I have to work on a deadline I prefer to make it tight.)


You’re at Carol’s dance party. Are you dancing in the middle? Head bobbing? Fly on the wall? Or do you apologize later because you got a sudden case of food poisoning? 

I’ve danced with Carol before. Since then I don’t get invited. Wait… Carol is still having dance parties?


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given concerning illustrating? 

Draw a lot. Then draw some more.


And last but not least: you’re a teenager again, what song is playing in the background of your first kiss? 

Forever Young by Alphaville.