Writer’s Block?

Image of man with question mark above his head.

Have you ever had writer’s block?

I’ve never thought I was prone to writer’s block.

Not me. Not with my bazillion plus ideas that swarm and buzz about the inner regions of my brain.

But, what if writer’s block isn’t just the getting of ideas, but the implementation of those ideas?

What if my procrastination is a form of writer’s block? All that house puttering, doing not just the dishes and laundry, but the full-on scrubbing and nitty gritty stuff that really doesn’t need to be done right now.

Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t write, if my house would ever get more than surface cleaned. Never deep cleaned like what I do when I have a deadline.

Would you say that this is a form of writer’s block?

I think it might be.

They say that half the battle is admitting the problem.


Hello, my name is Amy, and I am a writer who allows procrastination to block my writing.

That’s actually harder to write than I thought. It hurts. I want to go back and edit my admission, give it a spin that excuses me.

But I won’t. Edit it, that is.

Instead, I am going to tackle this like I would the baseboards with an old toothbrush. I am going to put that energy into something that makes me feel like I am accomplishing my goals. Not avoiding them.

Is this another aspect of being a writer? The finding of yourself and how you work?

More importantly, I wonder if I can use these feelings in a book, put them into a character.Baseboards

Hee hee—I do love writing! Everything can be used. Nothing is wasted.

Not even wasted time.

And if my baseboards have to wait a few months, well, that’s why I’ve got kids that need money.