Channel Your Inner Teen

Writing for the young adult market has its challenges. With all of those teen heroines running around rolling their sparkling green eyes, tucking errant locks of glimmering wheat colored hair behind their ears and answering questions with a low chuckle—what is an author supposed to do? How do we remember what real people are like?

If you aren’t one of those writers with a household of teen-age children, or if they’re not talking to you much these days, I have the radio station for you. Classified in the “these are a few of my favorite things” category, KPGR is my preferred radio station not only because it’s run by the talented teenagers at Pleasant Grove High, but also because they choose an eclectic mix of music that keeps me happy. Vampire Weekend one moment, Frank Sinatra the next and then maybe some Nirvana thrown into the playlist. They do play the new and popular hits, but they also feature local bands, 80’s and 90’s standards and lots of Bob Dylan. In other words, you won’t hear the same Adele song churned out over and over.

They play everything.

For us in the young adult writing community, listening to these radio shows run by these capable teens has the added bonus of reminding us what it’s like to be one. There’s something about listening to these students who are encouraged to “get creative,” as radio station president Brendan Nicholes puts it, that helps young adult writers with their own creativity. I enjoy hearing their stories and thoughts. And with monikers like DJ Killer Queen and Unicycle Kid, what’s not to love?

And if you click on the station but don’t like what they’re playing at the moment, check back in a few minutes. It’s a radio station that reminds me of Utah weather—it changes. (And apparently, whoever kept playing the Piña Colada song has graduated, and for that I’m grateful.)

The channels are 88.1 on the FM dial for Utah County and 96.7 for Salt Lake County. If you’re not in this area, you can listen online at However, the radio shows go on hiatus for the summer, so you’ll need to tune in soon before it’s all just music.

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