Reward Readers for Their Time

In Young Adult literature there are a lot of sequels out there. Many are trilogies. Let’s say every book has about 450 pages, so for three books the grand total is 1350 pages. The average person reads a page in 3-5 minutes. (Thank you Google!) On the low end that means the reader has dedicated 4,050 minutes or 67 hours, reading a YA trilogy.


Think of the responsibility we, as writers, have to our readers. People are spending almost three full days with our characters, sharing their time in the world we created.  Recently I read a series I liked until the third book. I wondered did the author have this planned from the beginning? In some instances, the quality of writing decreased since the first book.

So care for your reader. Remember what you owe to them. In my opinion, endings don’t always have to be happy, but they MUST be satisfying and well written.

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  1. Bruce Luck

    Yes, they must be satisfying, especially after devoting so much time to them.

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