Mini Workshops: The Secret’s Out


Our goal with the WIFYR blog is to be an extension of our June conference. We aim to bring you helpful writing advice, introduce you to various authors and their books, and provide insight into the world of publishing. Pardon me while I lay all that aside for a moment to gush about the mini workshops for WIFYR 2014.

Have you noticed the incredible lineup of faculty we have? If not, click back to the home page and be amazed. All four of our authors are nationally published—one is a bestseller—and you can see by the wonderfully whimsical illustrations on our website what kind of an illustrator we have.

The topics for each writing class—Voice, Plot, Character, and World Building—are fundamental to the craft. But these workshops aren’t just for beginners. Consider each intense four-hour course a master class on that topic.

It’s true, a beginner would get an excellent grounding in the basics before beginning a project. But a seasoned writer—maybe one who’s been to WIFYR before—would find perspective and tools for working over an old or a current manuscript.

Our illustration class has been trimmed to a one-day mini workshop to make it more accessible and affordable for aspiring illustrators or for professionals who want to branch out into picture books.

Speaking of affordable, do the math. The mini workshops are the best deal WIFYR offers. They’re also the best kept secret. But now that the secret’s out, I expect to hear a lot more gushing.

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  1. Bruce Luck

    I am so excited to be in Ann Cannon’s class, but I wish I could sneak away for some of the mini-sessions. You’ve got some great people and topics lined up.

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