Turning Limitations into Writing Strengths

Do you have a craft weakness? Most of us do. One writer may be strong on characterization but struggle with plot. Another may be fabulous at dialogue but less than great at descriptive settings. An illustrator may struggle to convey a picture book’s intent while maintaining his/her own style.

In the above sketch, the artist had to work around a lamp that obstructed much of the model’s face. He could have given up, but chose instead to make the ear and the neck his focus. By looking at the obstacle from a different perspective, he turned the supposed defect into a unique and pivotal piece of work.

 Illustrators, what does deliberately chosen white space add to your focal point?

Writers, does your character have a blind spot that might give her personality a unique dimension?

 For all of us, what is one of your writing obstacles? How do you work around it? Or better, can you find a way to make it work for you?

What may seem at first a blind spot may be the key to seeing your work with new eyes.