NaNoWriMo: Calendar Cloggers

Two keys to NaNoWriMo: 1. Make time to write every day. 2. Clear away the clutter.

Although we daydream about large, uninterrupted blocks of writing time, reality has its own demands. On her blog, Throwing Up Words, Carol Lynch Williams suggests writing first thing every day. A great way to get your word count in before the mundane takes over.

But what if your first-thing morning time is already booked?  Busy people have to get creative, not only in what they write, but when. During NaNo especially, finding inventive ways to slip in writing time may also make the difference in finishing your word count goals.  Here are some ideas.

  •  Dream up plot ideas while showering, exercising, or sitting in the dentist’s chair. (If your dentist ends up appearing as a villain in your story, please disguise him well.)
  • Take a notepad, tablet or smart phone everywhere. Jot down notes at the doctor’s office, during your lunch hour, while waiting in the carpool lane. Write while you’re getting your hair trimmed.
  • Give yourself permission to make this an assignment. Let others know you’re working on a big project, and treat it as something urgent you need to get done.

Second, look at your schedule. Are there errands you can skip this month? Appointments you can postpone? These things don’t seem to take much time, but each takes a small bite out of energetic time and takes you out of writing mode. See what you can cancel.

Then enjoy a few more uninterrupted moments to create that story. You deserve it.