WIFYR Conference Feedback, Part 2

It’s been great getting to read the surveys and hear suggestions, thoughts, and what people loved about the conference. Here are a few more comments.

“We were able to work in a small, safe-to-share, group. The whole start to finish process was explained. [Sharlee Glenn’s picture book] workshop helped me gain direction and and excitement to continue my journey in writing.”

“Money well spent. I can’t wait to come back.”

“It has been invaluable to receive a full critique on my entire novel. Mette [Ivie Harrison, instructor of the full novel workshop] gave clear, useful, precise information on each of our manuscripts….”

“When I first walked into the classroom, I felt right at home. We were one big family.”

So much is gained each year through the WIFYR experience. While we all have dreams of being discovered on the spot, other valued treasures include the friendships we gain through common goals, a shared love of writing, and the workshop experience. We hope all of you will want to be part of the WIFYR “family.” You can further your experience by keeping in touch with the friends you made at WIFYR, especially if you formed a workshop group of some kind. Another way is to sign up for emailed newsletter updates and read the blog. These are great ways to stay tuned in to WIFYR happenings throughout the year.