SUPERSNOUTS: Illustrated by Steve Bjorkman

By Eric Birkin
                SUPERSNOUTS is a whimsical picture book illustrated by Steve Bjorkman featuring superhero pigs Hamlet, Snoutbuster, and Kernel Hog. Many of Bjorkman’s earlier works are centered around pen and ink. SUPERSNOUTS is Bjorkman’s first project done entirely in pen and brush. This bold new style displays the critical and practiced eye of a quality illustrator. Bjorkman is a master of creating dialogue and action without using written language.
               Steve Bjorkman will lead the three-day illustration workshop at WIFYR this year. Anybody desiring to learn the skills involved in visual storytelling will benefit from Bjorkman’s knowledge and experience. Not only are his illustrations colorful, expressive and unique, they are, in simple terms, incredibly effective at telling a story without words.