Psst . . . Secret Instructions Every Girl Should Know by Cherie Earl and Rick Walton, an American Girl book.

by Amy White
I must say that this was a very difficult book to review, only because my 10 year old daughter snagged it up as soon as it arrived, carting it off to school and devouring it with her friends. It took weeks to get it back. As a result, I now have a host of 5th graders, not only making plans on how to get themselves into an American Girl magazine, but also exchanging a plethora of invisible ink notes, interpreting each others fingerprints, and conversing fluently in Swine Tongue, ie: Pig Latin. Tip: I do suggest every adult in households with copies of Psst . . . Secret Instructions Every Girl Should Know, brush up on their own foreign language expertise.

Filled with a wide range of secrets and things I wish I had known as a young girl, this book is perfect for the Tweenish set. From how to find a lost pet, to eliminating brain freeze, and even how to keep your ponytail holder in place in thin or slick hair. With ninety tips, hints, and tricks this is one book you will find the girls referring back to time and again. And if you find yourself, however secretly–sneaking a peek–well, I won’t tell, although your fluency in Pig Latin and your ability to read invisible ink just might be telling enough.