Review of A. E. Cannon’s The Chihuahua Chase

If you’re into middle grade/chapter book fiction, A. E. Cannon has the perfect book. The Chihuahua Chase is a who-done-it for elementary readers.

Fourth grade boys can often be irritating and Addie May Jones is particularly annoyed by Teddy Krebs. When Phantom, Teddy’s Chihuahua, comes up missing, he asks Addie May’s help in finding the dog. Teddy needs him back in time for the upcoming Chihuahua races. Why would a boy who throws balls at her head in dodge ball ask for Addie May for help?

There is no shortage of suspects. Mr. Covey, the superintendent of their apartment building, appears to have something to hide. Mrs. Hopkins has a bunch of stray Chihuahuas in her house. Zack, the cute sixth grade boy is a suspect as his dog, Tex, lost to Phantom in an earlier race. And there is the suspicious neighbor who doesn’t like dogs and tried to spray Phantom with a garden hose. Cannon keeps us guessing up to the end. The story morphs into two mysteries as Addie May tries to understand why Teddy has asked for her help.

The book bridges MG and chapter books and is a step toward reading mastery for developing readers. Writers of fiction for younger readers will find it a good model to emulate. Cannon is a local writer and Utah’s own Julie Olson provided the illustrations. The Chihuahua Chase is clever and sure to be a favorite among elementary-aged kids.