Favorite Children’s Books Now

My children have never read the Bobbsey Twins. They didn’t really connect with that series or some other children’s books I loved as a youth.

But they have connected with reading and the books they have to choose from are amazing. My boys count down to the next Brandon Mull book or search for more Percy Jackson adventures to read. The girls treasure their signed copies from Carol Lynch Williams, Ally Condie and others. Reading has become part of our family culture.

Last summer we listened to “The Clockwork Three” by Matthew Kirby while driving through Yellowstone. When it was finished we started “Janitors” by Tyler Whiteside. Every day the kids couldn’t wait to get in the van. They were as excited about the book as the adventures that awaited them in the park.

As much as I love the books of my youth, I wouldn’t want my family to be without the fantastic selection of children’s books available today.

Preparing for the WIFYR conference motivates many conference attendees to read the books of those who will be teaching. When we meet authors, the value of that experience increases when we have read their books. With fantastic authors who will teach us at the upcoming conference, we have some great reads for this year.

Here are a few:

Carol Lynch Williams

  • The Chosen One
  • Waiting
  • Miles from Ordinary

Mette Ivie Harrison

  • Mirra Mirror
  • The Princess and the Hound
  • Tris & Izzie

Matthew Kirby

  • Icefall
  • The Clockwork Three

Martine Leavitt

  • Keturah and Lord Death
  • My Book of Life by Angel
  • The Dollmage

AE Cannon

  • Charlotte’s Rose
  • The Loser’s Guide to Life and Love
  • The Chihuahua Chase

Kristen Chandler

  • Girls Don’t Fly
  • Wolves, Boys and Other Things That Might Kill Me

Cheri Earl

  • Psst: Secret Instructions Every Girl Should Know

Sharlee Glenn

  • Keeping up with Roo
  • Circle Dance
  • Just What Mama needs

Steve Bjorkman (Illustrator)

  • Don’t Mess With Moses!: Peculiar Poems and Rib-Tickling Rhymes
  • Bring Back My Gerbil
  • The Parable of Two Builders

What are you going to read first?

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  1. Amy

    ALL of them!!! I want all of them!
    Seriously though; I’ve read, or will have read all of them (and a few others by the faculty that were not mentioned –of course, that’s not hard to do, not when you are an addicted reader of kidlit.

  2. Michelle Hubbard

    So many fabulous books! We are lucky to have such a great faculty this year. See you in June!

  3. Elizabeth

    I am excited to read all of these!

    Does anyone know when registration opens up, and how I can go about registering?

  4. melanie

    Soon! That’s what I’m hearing about registration.

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