This year we’re going GREEN!

WIFYR is going green. Why is this important? 

Usually we have a fat packet of papers for you to pick up at registration. This year, the website will have a downloadable packet that will include the schedule for the week, and all the class notes for morning and afternoon classes. You’ll need to print these out before the conference and bring them with you. 

As an alternative, we’re working on a conference app that will allow you to view the contents of the packet on your iphone or other electronic device. 

Help us spread the word!  No conference packets this year…print what you need or look for our new conference app.  Share your ideas for helping us go green!


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  1. Melinda Fredrickson

    What I love about this method (besides being Eco-friendly) is that we can download the handouts from the classes we aren’t able to attend and get that extra little bit of information. Thank you!

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