Best WIFYR Tidbits

What a week it’s been. Thanks to all who have imparted their wisdom. Our final exercise is to share what you have learned, something that will stick with you, something that will transform your writing or illustrating. Submit entries by…

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Love At First Line

On Tuesday, John Cusick told us that, in order to grab an agent’s attention, we need to nail that first line. He  said to us give us the entire book in the first line or paragraph. Today’s challenge is to…

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Yesterday, Carol challenged us to find two gems, two bits of savvy advise from each of the presenters. What did you hear? What struck your fancy? What thoughts or ideas from the afternoon sessions gave you pause, shed new light…

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Children are Intelligent

We recently lost the marvelous Maurice Sendak, author of countless books for children, and one compliment I heard after his passing was from an unnamed blogger who wrote, "Sendak didn't play from a distance. He didn't lecture, he didn't give…

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