Spread the WIFYR Word Contest

Another great WIFYR Conference is coming up soon, and we are offering a new contest to help Spread the WIFYR Word about it. Many of you have been getting the message out to friends and fellow authors/illustrators. We would like to reward you for your upcoming efforts with a contents and prizes.
Final contest prizes are still in the works, but they will include: Page Critiques by Greg Leitich Smith and Carol Lynch Williams, books from Trudy Harris, Carol Lynch Williams, Ann Dee Ellis…and more to come!
Here’s how the contest works: You blog, tweet, talk-up, email about the WIFYR conference as much as you can between now and May 12th. Earn points for each time you Spread the WIFYR Word.Record your efforts and send us your documentation of what you did, such as site links, wherever possible.
Earn points the following ways:
1. Tweet about WIFYR and why you love it (maximum three times per week.) Add @WIFYR to the end of any Tweet.1 point per tweet.
2. Tweet about WIFYR’s First Annual Writing Contest and Fellowship. If you’re entering, why or what you’re entering (maximum three times per week.) Even if you’re not up for this year’s contest, you can still let others know about it. Add @WIFYR to the end of any Tweet. 1 point per tweet.
3. Blog about WIFYR and the Writing contest. Add @WIFYR to the end of any thing your post. – 5 points.’
4. Sign up for the WIFYR newsletter – 1 point (points awarded for previous sign-up.)
5. Get your friends signed up for the newsletter – 1 point each confirmed sign-up.
6. Sign up to receive the WIFYR blog – 1 point (points awarded for previous sign-up.)
7. Sign up your friends for the blog – 1 point each
8. Register for WIFYR – 7 points per workshop, 3 points for afternoon sessions (points awarded for previous sign-up.)
9. Have your friends sign up for the conference – 5 points for each new sign-up.
Begin posting NOW. Contest closes May 12th. Submit your documentation between May 5th and May 12th. Winners to be announced by May 19. In the event of a tie, a random drawing will be made to select a winner. Help us Spread the WIFYR Word.
Everyone is eligible to enter.

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  1. Courtney Lowe

    Such a great opportunity! And so easy to enter!!

  2. Alison

    Off to do it right now.

  3. TA Demings

    Sweet. I’m gonna start tweeting right now!

  4. Sarah

    So…where are we submitting our documentation? Here as a comment? I NEED TO WIN THINGS.

    1. beccabirkin

      Yes. Submit as a comment on the blog. thanks!

  5. Tessa

    Just wondering where we should submit documentation for the contest? Thanks!

  6. Tessa

    Ooops! Sorry! Didn’t see that last reply 🙂

  7. Tessa

    4 tweets (@writertessa) –3 on April 25, 1 on May 10
    1 signup for newsletter
    7 registered for Greg Leitich Smith’s class 🙂

    Total: 12

  8. Holly Papa

    1 blog post- 5 pts
    WIFYR Newsletter- 1 pt
    WIFYR Blog- 1pt
    WIFYR Conference Workshop with Julie Olson- 7pts
    + afternoon session 3pts
    Sorry, I don’t tweet yet! But I blogged about WIFYR back on April 18th 🙂

  9. Holly Papa

    I published one more blog post about Matthew Kirby and WIFYR tonight!

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