Princess Books for Manly Men

I had the pleasure of reading The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison not too long ago. I knew I was going to read her books as I was to be her assistant for the conference this year. So I looked up her name and what did I see?

Books about Princesses. And animals.

Yes, I’m a guy. A man’s man. I typically like the books I read to be action-packed! Full of manly stuff! (what’s manly stuff? I dunno… not really. Red meat? Burping? Facial hair? >.>)

Anyway *cough* I had read some good things about The Princess and the Hound so I opened it up expecting good things.

And good things it had!

I have, through recent years, realized how important character is. I used to think if there was enough action in a book, that’s all it needed. Yeah… no. Character is of the utmost!

I liked George right off. His character was likable and interesting. I like the struggles he goes through and the hopes and desires he shows. He has a secret he must keep and in his struggle with this secret he is able to grow in character.

Beatrice and Marit were interesting right off. Beatrice the princess and betrothed to George and Marit, her faithful hound. I enjoyed their struggle to get to know George and to come to terms with their problems. I loved how both of them had a distinct character.

All of the supporting characters felt real and added to the story.

The suspense and the conflict in the book felt real and fresh. I loved the way Ms. Harrison weaved the story and kept me reading! As the plot developed I didn’t want to put the book down. I found myself cheering on the characters as they grew and developed and overcame their challenges. And I did happen to finish it in one evening.

Then I bought The Princess and the Bear.
Then I bought The Princess and the Snowbird.
Then I bought The Princess and the Horse.

I read them all in about a week. I love the world, the magic, the characters, and the stories. I think even manly men can enjoy these books. I certainly did!

(flexes and burps)


(…excuse me…)

10 thoughts on “Princess Books for Manly Men

  1. Fun post! Yes, I love Mette’s books, too.

    We’re so lucky she will be at our WIFYR conference this year.

  2. This review made me laugh (but not burp, because I’m not a guy). Thanks, Kevin. My daughter has all of these books and has really enjoyed them. They’re still on my must-read list, though. Now that I’ve read your review, I’ll be moving them to the top.

  3. You’re not alone! It used to be that boys wouldn’t pick up books with a female protagonist, let alone a novel actually WRITTEN by a girl. But since J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series, we’re often seeing male readers written by *gasp* females, which sometimes-and-very-often feature female protagonists. It’s a great thing, because when it comes straight down to it, we’re all human. Regardless of gender, skin tone, socioeconomics, or whether or not you like cats, you’ll probably find something to relate to in most any book! So YAY Kevin!! ;)

  4. That’s hilarious. And actually, that reminded me. I’ve read this book myself! I found it delectable as well and am delighted to find that manly men can relish this read too.

  5. I had no idea Mette Ivie Harrison was the author of those books! I read them a while ago and loved them too! Perfect timing to add it onto my to re-read-over-summer list… I feel so validated knowing that a “man’s man” wrote this review. ^_^

  6. Great post. There have been several books I’ve wanted my son to read, and the female protag thing threw him off. (He liked This is What I Did, see below, but wouldn’t read Ann Dee’s second book, Everything is Fine, because of that. I was sad because I knew he would have loved it too.) I need to show him your blog.
    It also makes me want to go buy the rest of her books (I have one of them.)

  7. Being a manly man myself, I shy away from any book with “princess” in the title. These sound good. I may have to sneak out one of Mette’s books, hide it inside a Sports Illustrated, and give it a read. (Please, don’t tell the guys.)

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