Author Interview: Carol Lynch Williams


Carol Lynch Williams, WIFYR Momma, talks about how she started writing, who she always writes about and what she’s working on next. What books have you read from her? Check out MESSENGER and NEVER SAID, both recent publications.


The first story I remember putting to paper was about a magician who kept living puppets in a cage.
He was mean to them.
One day, the puppets took things into their own hands and killed the magician.
My sister and my cousins and I acted this out.
It was a great hit with my grandmother, Nana.

Before I could write, I told stories and made them into plays.
One was about a man who was drinking at a bar. (I played the drunk.)
I said something about being alone.
My sister, three years younger, danced out of the closet wearing my grandmother’s negligee and singing “One more for the road, big boy.”
Nana loved that play, too.

Nana was true love to all her grandchildren. And so, no matter what, it seems she slips into my books. She’s always a little naughty, funny, and she almost always smokes (off scene, sometimes!).  Another person who recurs in my stories, and whom I name, is my best friend in 8th grade, and for many years after (we are still dear friends), Vickie Finlay. She, many times, has her maiden name in my books. And many times she’s someone else I’ve dressed up with a different name. But Vickie and I weathered some hard times together, so she keeps showing up.

Both Nana, and Vickie, are in a new book I’m working on. This is a true middle grade set in the 1960’s, about twin girls who want to be WWF Championship Wrasslers. I hope to finish the novel before the conference.
Or after. 😉

If you’d like to get to know Carol better, you can visit her on Facebook and Twitter (where she doesn’t say anything) or on her blog