The Afternoon Session includes a variety of classes that focus on craft, teach marketing, and answer those questions you have about what major publishing houses are looking for. All genres will be discussed.

Those who are interested can attend all afternoons and keynote for a one time cost of $115 (early bird $105).

This price includes: plenaries, panels with agents and editors, and more hours of classes than you get at a typical two-day conference.

“There were so many classes to choose from I had a hard time deciding which to attend.”

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There will be no refunds after April 30th. If you cancel before this date, you will receive a full refund, minus a 20% administration fee.


  1. Catherine Cook


    If I purchase the Afternoon Sessions pass (the one for $99) does that mean I’m automatically registered for all the practicums? The note says each caps at 25 and I want to make sure I can get into those classes (or what further action I need to take to do so) before I purchase the pass.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Stephanie Moore


      Hi Catherine. Currently registration for the Practicum classes are reserved for those attending a 5-Day Workshop. If they don’t fill we’ll open it up to others as the conference gets closer. Here’s a Full Schedule for the conference so you can see what all the Afternoon Sessions includes:

      If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to email me at

  2. Heather B


    Like Catherine, I find it a little confusing whether or not the Practicum sessions are considered part of the “Afternoon Sessions” since they appear on the same page and under the heading, “The Afternoon Session.” Perhaps including the Practicum sessions under the 5-Day Workshop heading would help? 🙂

    My follow-up question is related to the 3-Day Workshop I’ve registered for: Am I included in the Practicum session on those days?

    Thanks for clarifying!

  3. melanie


    Sorry you found it confusing, Heather. Thanks for your input and for asking the question.

    I’ve added some clarification to the description. We have the Practicums listed in the afternoon because they will run at the same time as the other afternoon workshops. At this time the Practicums are offered to those registered for a 5-day workshop.

    We will have to look at how to make this less confusing.

    Thank you.

    • Heather B


      Thank you, Melanie. I’m sure once I experience WIFYR it will all make sense. 🙂 I appreciate your reply!


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